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Workshop title: Taking it to a Higher and Deeper level

Individualized Training and Consulting for Grade level teams

This training is for your teachers if you resonate with the following:

Do your teachers exhibit the following behaviors?

  • You see your teachers’ moods and attitudes toward teaching changed since the beginning of the school year
  • They have told you or you have heard them say “I feel stuck on how to align the state’s standards with my basal or core program, incorporate DI (Differentiated Instruction) and Keep Students Engaged
  • They are wondering how to take the learning process higher and deeper without going crazy in the process

Participants will learn:

  • Techniques to Bloom’s Taxonomy that can be easily incorporated within the day without ADDED STRESS and PAPERWORK 
  • Questions that can relate and personalize based on their personality and teaching style
  • Specific techniques that will IMPROVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT and Building Student Engagement
  • Key essential elements needed to for effective grade-level meetings and effective planning
  • Achieve literacy and other academic goals faster
  • Clear directions and exact instructional approaches to enhance Student and Teacher Resiliency
  • Learn and design effective lesson planning that enhances academic resiliency
  • See Resilience in Action…resilient administrators empower resiliency in teachers. Resilient teachers empower resiliency in students
  • Effective Resilient Power tools to bring out the brilliance in your organization!
  • Consulting and Training can last from 4 hours to 8 hours and customized to meet the campus’ or district’s needs

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