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Coaching Package 2

Package 2

Coaching Package 2

Workshop Title: Academic Resiliency MATTERS the MOST

Campus-district and District based Consulting and Training for teaching staff:

Are your teachers ready for asking for tools that prepare them for a: 

Build Successful Literacy using (5) Core resiliency principles and evidenced – based literacy Approaches

Clear, practical action steps that foster early reading success among students in primary grades (K-5th) teachers that incorporate literacy skills and practical steps to PREVENT teacher burn-out

If you answered yes to one or more of these statements, then this package is definitely for your campus or district.

Temperament is defined as innate behavior style or predisposition (i.e. a child demonstrates impulsive temperament when he or she launches into a task without hearing directions)

 Participants will learn and immediately be able to incorporate the following in the classroom instruction:

  • Effective and practical examples how to incorporate personality factors with alphabetical knowledge and phonological awareness
  • Why developing socioemotional skills is important for reading teachers
  • The link between temperament and early learning differences act and react to the environment and is later tied to the development of personality
  • Discover how temperament affect academic resilience
  • The connection between self-beliefs about reading and its’ affect on academic resilience
  • Learn how (5) core resiliency principles that work together with literacy skills which contribute to STUDENT ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT
  • Each workshop can be customized to fit the needs of your campus or district

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