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Coaching Package 1

Package 1

Coaching Package 1

Title: Is it time to get your MOJO on…Training Resilient Leaders and Novice principals

Peer leadership Training for New principals:

Peer leadership training may be for you if you see:

  • Lack a structured mentoring program designed for new teachers and teachers new to your district or school
  • High teacher turnover in your school or district
  • Desire to a simple tweek with your current system (New Teacher Mentoring)
  • Lack of mentorship for new teachers
  • Not sure how to help new teachers incorporate basic classroom fundamentals, such as
    • Classroom management
    • Organization tips
    • Routine/procedures
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Effective lesson planning
    • Preventing new teacher burn-out

Each on-site training session includes:

A structured process for leadership peer coaching with a focus on the (top) 7 core resiliency principles that new principals can incorporate on the job:

  • Practical core resiliency training (You can implement immediately after the training_
  • Training for new principals and instructional support staff
    • Targeted questions/Goals that aligned with your current Campus Improvement Plan
  • Learn (4) distinguished practices of Resilient leaders (practical tools and approaches to bounce back from temporary setbacks)
  • Clear Action steps to take from each training session
  • Exact steps to take toward organization’s goals that IMPROVE teacher and student resiliency
  • Effective Student Questioning techniques
  • Using data collection techniques to offset (5) unique resiliency risk factors

Cost of Training: $1000.00 for a 1/2 day = 5 hour training session with 10 maximum participants

      Essential Critical areas of New Instructional Leaders and Instructional Support staff:

This training is for you if you need:

  • Nuts and Bolts of understanding your school’s culture and climate
  • Instruction: core knowledge and skills needed to help new and existing teaches deliver effective instruction and be resilient
  • Practical leadership tools that help your organization create balance and minimize stress among staff and students
  • Real Results from schools with similar demographics and challenges
  • Special bonus: Personalized blueprint containing strategic action steps that show you how to incorporate core resiliency principles, CREATE HAPPY TEACHERS and ENHANCE STUDENT ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT
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