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  • Move Forward with Resiliency and Hope

    Personal Note: I had a blast this week with the employees of Texas Education Solutions in Lakeway Texas. In the coaching session, the team set S.M.A.R.T. goals and found renewed strength to press forward with Resiliency and Hope! As schools across the United States collaborate, reflect on past academic results, refine practices and take Huge strides toward ...
  • Do you know what’s missing?

    As we prepare for the next school year, most of us are gearing to find what’s missing? I defined what’s missing meaning…based on the data and district goals. We are diligently working on filling the gaps (finding out what’s missing). This year our district’s goal is One Team, One Goal and we are determined to find out ...

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Speaker (Private Corporate event)

Topic: Resiliency 

August 26, 2014

Austin, Texas

Roundtable Presenter (TALE) Texas Association Literacy Educators

“Reignite Your Passion in Literacy for all Learners”

February 21, 2015

Houston, Texas

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