I TRAIN Educators how to INCORPORATE Core Resiliency Principles on the job and BOOST Student Academic Engagement.

So you finally decided it’s time for a change…you decided it’s time to STAND OUT AMONG THE CROWD OF EDUCATORS and really get to the core of why you became an educator in the first place. You are tired of going through the school year doing the same ole’ same ole’ thing. Yeah, you know students’ have to have accountability testing. But deep down you know what it REALLY TAKES to THRIVE in this business of education. 
Are you ready to go from hearing and seeing your staff suffering from consistent burn-out and frustrations year after year? Are you READY TO REPOSITION, THRIVE AND ARM YOU AND YOUR STAFF WITH CORE RESILIENCY PRINCIPLES THEY CAN USE ON THE JOB, THAT WILL BOOST STUDENT ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT? 
You are in the right place if you are teacher, principal, assistant principal, instructional coach/specialist or district administrator WHOSE burning desire is to incorporate your staff and district with SPECIFIC CORE RESILIENCY PRINCIPLES that WILL BOOST STUDENT ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT. 

You know being an educator is a special calling. A special calling in which many are called to do, but few respond to the challenge. You understand times have changed, kids are different and have different needs than they did years ago. Your gut tells you something is missing within your staff and student body. Being resilient as a professional educator takes a lot of stamina, a unique set of core resiliency principles which prepares new and experienced teachers with skills needed to deal with daily issues of being in the classroom and myriad responsibilities faced by both teachers and administrators alike. 

What if you could work with someone who could train your staff with practical core resiliency principles that will arm your teachers with tools needed to withstand trials and triumphs of being an educator? Save you from the agony of high teacher turn-over, low student enrollment, academic and difficult parents? I know we just met, but I want to CHALLENGE you. Decide to be the educator, district, campus that STANDS OUT AMONG the CROWD.

Do what you were called to do, listen to your gut…you can check out the rest of my website or we can get down to business right now. Curious, to know see how I can help?  

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