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Become Your Absolute Best!  Stand out among the crowd in edcuation

 Real Results with Real-Time Coaching for 21st Century Educators


Building a Healthier School Climate “One teacher, one student, and one principal at a time.”


Practical tools for building resilient principals, teachers and students designed to empower, impact, and enhance school climate.

Coach Marcia: “Achieve Real Results with Real Time Coaching”

Smart ideas for your team”
Smart Ideas for You and Your Team

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Resilient Professionals

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  • Dear Teacher, Don’t Forget to Put Safety First in the Classroom

    PrintSchool is officially in session. Handling the academic future of a group of children can sometimes be overwhelming. Considering the violable climate of today’s schools in addition to equipping America’s youth for the future and that responsibility weighs heavy on the shoulders of teachers. As the school year goes on and the urgent tasks at hand ...
  • Twas the Night Before School Opened

    school bus background-01Twas the night before school opened, not a book was misplaced, or a wall defaced. The bulletin boards were all decorated with care, in hopes that the students would soon be there. My children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of new clothes and reuniting with old friends danced in their heads. Mamma ...

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Roundtable Presenter (TALE) Texas Association Literacy Educators

“Reignite Your Passion in Literacy for all Learners”

February 21, 2015

Houston, Texas

Walden University Ed.D Residency

Atlanta, GA

May 28-31, 2015

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